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Scholarships due July 1st.

# of junior members: 150+
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Click above for current list of 2017 members. Those highlighted have paid membership as of 2017 Iowa Beef Expo. Must be paid prior to collecting any IJBBA points.

President: Kassi Rice
Vice President: Gracie Danner
Secretary: Brooklyn Curtin
Treasurer: Justin Swanton
Other Board Members: Cade VanVliet, Jenna Tlach, Tyler Loudon 

Queen:  Jodi Opperman
Princess:  Madison McCullough

National Queen:  Adelyda Ebersole

National Junior Board Members
Kaylee Miller   Region 2
Kassi Rice       At Large

Karen McCullough, 641-344-5548
Karen Loudon, 641-344-2112

Annual Fee of $10 (January-January)
If you would like to become a member please contact one of the advisors listed above. If you have questions regarding if you've paid or not, please refer to list above.

Iowa Juniors have won the Junior National Sweepstakes Award 4 years in a Row



2017 Junior Nationals "There's No Place Like Hutch"
June 23-30, 2017
Hutchison, Kansas  Kansas State Fairgrounds, click here.

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